Photo by Huy Nguyen

Mikael Sundberg

Producer, Director, Actor, Video editing, 3D- and Visual Effects-artist, Camera

Mikael Sundberg is the "Mic" part of Melmic and one of the starring actors. Mikael is a Swedish photographer and 3D-artist based in Örebro, Sweden. Born deaf, he is passionate about expressing his creativity through photography. For him, nothing is better than being in nature, especially by the sea, which always gives him a sense of freedom and eternity. Mikael has photographed for several books. 13 kvinnor i tystnadens Sverige depicts the life of 13 deaf women, and Bernadotte, mannen, myten och maten is a cooking book. He currently creates  study material featuring sign language, focusing on the needs of deaf immigrants. 


Has photographed the Swedish Royal Family and has met with the Queen of Sweden twice. The Swedish Queen knows some Sign Language.

Mikael supports womens' football and hopes for them to get the same amount of attention as male football. He has been honored to photograph both the Swedish male and female national teams.

Has photographed Christiano Ronaldo during a Juventus - Atlético Madrid match in 2019.

In the year of 2010, Mikael photographed all images for the ÖSK Football calendar. Sales of this calendar contributed to 100.000 SEK to the pediatric cancer department.

Has a passion for travelling and to see the world from different perspectives.

First and foremost communicates in Swedish Sign Language.

Is intolerant to Gluten.

His photo Heavy Winter  is widespread nationally and sometimes unexpectedly show up as a meme. 

Created an app featuring his 360-degrees photographies from various countries.

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"Don't put your energy into negative stuff".

"For me, photography is the most efficient way to re-charge my batteries".

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