The Goof items below may give away important plot points.

In episode 4, Melodys weapon is visible on the dresser next to Mikael when he sits on the floor in the hallway.

In episode 5, in one of the scenes where Mikael is locked inside the bathroom, the bathroom door is seen slightly open.

In episode 5, the credit text is not moving in the famous Starwars Crawl, as it should. This was not noticed by either Melody or Mikael until the episode was already published online. 

In episode 5, where an EMP bomb is used, Melody discovered an important mistake after finishing the video. The EMP would have effected the lamps together with the cellphones and iPads, but they were still lit even after the Pulse set off. They decided to re-shoot one of the scenes. Melody added the a button with the option only to affect cells and ipads. The scene with a close up of the bomb was then re-shot. However, the button is still missing in later scenes. 

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