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The name of the show, Melmic, is a fusion of the names of the Starring Actors, Melody and Mikael. "Micke" is a Swedish nickname for someone named "Mikael". The name "Melmic" was created as early as 2006, when Melody and Mikael needed a user name for playing video-games. 

Mikael was born completely deaf on both ears. In early episodes, Melody recorded voice effects for Mikael using her own voice. However, lowering her voice to suit a male caused straining. Considering his skills in imitating voices, she asked friend Olle Norén, if he was interested in the mission. From Episode 5, Mikaels voice is acted by Olle. 

Mikael being deaf is one of the reasons the couple decided not to have any spoken communication in the show. They could have chosen sign language instead of speaking, but as they wanted the show to be understood by everyone (no matter what language or ethnicity one may have) they decided that wordless communication was to be prefered. 

Mikael and Melody is a wedded couple in real life, just as they are in Melmic. 

With a few exeptions, all Melmic-episodes are named "The One...". This is in honor of one of Melody and Mikaels' favorite TV-shows Friends. The episodes of Friends are named similarly.

The ending credits are inspired by the intros found in the Starwars-movies. Mikael and Melody has however never been big Starwars-fans. Instead, the credits are paroding on a very early video made by Mikael in his young years. The video is called "Deafwars" and he did it together with his childhood friends. Melody liked the video so much that she wished to make a connection to it in Melmic. 

Most Melmic-episodes are based on real life events, making them highly relatable.

Almost all of the work, front- as well as back-stage, are made by Melody and Mikael. The only exception is  Mikaels' voice (acted by Olle Norén) and the music and most of the sound effects. Most of the music is made by Kevin MacLeod and can be downloaded at Most sound effects are well known Internet-memes. The plot, filming, acting, directing, 3D- and visual effects, editing and voice effects are however made by Mikael and Melody. When they both are in the same shot, the camera is placed on a tripod.

Neither Mikael, nor Melody, had experience or education in acting before Melmic. Melody however participated as a blood stained choir singer as part of a play called 100 sånger (100 songs) in Örebro 2019. The play told the story about the last few seconds before a terrorism attack. 

The majority of the Melmic-episodes are recorded in Melody and Mikael's home in Örebro, Sweden. 

The episodes are filmed with Mikaels Sony RX100 Va. The voice overs and extra sound effects are recorded using a mini Behringer mixer.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the Christmas special of 2019, called "A Matrix Christmas", Mikael and Melody are fighting over a chocolate box. However, being intolerant to Gluten, Mikael would not have been able to eat the chocolates in real life. The box was still chosen as it is one of the most popular ones in Sweden during Christmas.

In Episode 5, Mikael use a Nokia 3330 cellphone. This is in fact Melodys' first cellphone in real life, which she got on her 15:th birthday. The same phone is visible in the background of other episodes, such as the pilot.

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